Transportation Systems

Smart Transport & Mobility Systems Management Platforms.

ALEATICA started investing in smart infrastructure services and innovation in 2001 to develop proprietary road technology, with the initial goal of creating a novel system of barrier-free tolls (free-flow) to allow a greater flow of vehicles on toll roads.

SaaS technology platforms and management.

ALEATICA Labs´s cloud based, SaaS technology platform and management dashboard includes business intelligence & analytics covering crucial performance indicators for the operation and maintenance of transport infrastructure projects and smart highways.

The systems and platform supplied by ALEATICA Labs, ensure proper management over all of the significant components of the operation, as well as the scheduling of maintenance work and planning of investments, optimizing costs under a sustainable business model that spans the entire life cycle of the infrastructure.

Our Management, Operation and Maintenance Platform includes a wide range of applications and benefits, including:

  • Real Time Traffic Monitoring & Management
  • Toll Collection & Payment Systems  
  • Vehicle Revenue & Yield Management
  • Cost Management & Reduction
  • Advanced Road Safety Systems
  • Vehicle Identification Systems
  • Smart Sensor & Maintenance Technology
  • Smart Pavements & Seismic Movement Monitoring
  • Project Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection of Project Biodiversity