Payment systems

ALEATICA Labs is pioneer in Smart Control Systems that provide tailormade solutions to cover the needs of international projects and customers.

Our payment systems include:

Electronic Tolling System (ETS)

Platform developed that offers operators a fast and easy method of payment and that endows control centers with an effective tool for managing, monitoring and maintenance of any toll model: manual, automatic or dynamic.

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Electronic toll collection system (SEMI-FREE FLOW)

The entrance of the roadway is controlled by RFID system backed by antennas that read the TAG
devices travelling up to a speed of 60 km/hour. The user receives messages on road conditions and travel information through electronic screens, as well as information on their balance, authorization of access or, conversely, instructions to follow the escape route. The exit is 100% free-flow.

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Multi-Lane Free-Flow tolling system (MLFF)

Multi-Lane Free-Flow tolling system (MLFF) that can be integrated into any modular architecture
using the most advanced technologies to support the right solution for each project. MLFF
automatically determines the necessary information to allow automatic charging, guaranteeing
the free flow traveling vehicles on the toll road.

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Operational Back Office (OBO)

System designed for the management and validation of the licence plates recognition, toll rate trips configuration, charging or discounts, moreover geolocation tolling features. It is compatible with either open road tolling or hybrid systems (entry with gates and exit with free flow).

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Commercial Back Office (CBO)

Solution designed to manage multi-concession and interoperable remote collection toll operations able to increase customer engagement and attract new customers. It includes latest generation CRM, with a 360 degree view of your customers, and a transactions processing platform that safely and quickly handles large volumes of information.

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Geolocation payment solution (eTollPay)

Mobile payment technology that facilitates driving on interoperable toll highways and manages
payments simply and transparently. All the customers have to download the eTollPay App, create
an account and register their vehicles to be able to enjoy the discounts, promotions and customized
information services.

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